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Huawei mobile wifi e5330 инструкция

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Use the charger to charge the device Note: Only use chargers compatible with the For details about the specific charger model, contact an authorized dealer.

Charge the device through a computer connection Use the data cable provided with your device to connect the Mobile WiFi to the computer. You can log in to the web management page and turn the fast boot function on or off. Log in to the web management page and enter the PIN when prompted. If data is transmitted, the Mobile WiFi will automatically connect to the Internet. If data is not transmitted for a period of time, the Mobile WiFi will automatically disconnect from the network connection.

Open the browser, and enter http: Battery Saving Mode If the Mobile WiFi has been inactive for some time, the Mobile WiFi enters the standby mode, the power indicator blinks slowly and the other indicators are off.

Pressing the button causes the display screen to light up. When the Mobile WiFi is being powered only by the battery, you can choose to enable or disable the automatic Wi-Fi turnoff function.

Restoring to Factory Settings If you forget the user name, password, or SSID you have set, you can restore the settings on the web management page to their factory values. Connecting to a Computer for example, running the Windows 7 operating system through Wi-Fi Ensure that is displayed in green. Before establishing a Wi-Fi connection, ensure that the computer is equipped with a wireless network adapter.

Wait a moment for the wireless network connection icon to appear in the system tray in the lower right corner of the computer screen. The wireless network connection is then established. Select New Connection, and enter the connection name. Select Scan to search for wireless networks. Select Test Connection to test whether the network connection is successful. You can now open the browser and access the network.

The tablet computer automatically searches for wireless connections and displays a list of access points. Tips When the Mobile WiFi is in use for an extended period of time, it will become warm and may overheat.

Should this happen, the Mobile WiFi will automatically close the network connection and turn off to protect itself from damage. If this occurs, place the Mobile WiFi in a well ventilated space to allow the heat to dissipate, then turn it on and continue to use it as normal. Also See for Mobile wifi e Quick start manual - 56 pages. Page of 28 Go. Или же в офисе создать локальную сеть из всех компьютеров. Важно в этом случае не переусердствовать и не дать возможность устройствам управлять Вашей жизнью.

Также в автономном режиме Huawei E способен работать до 6 часов благодаря мощному аккумулятору объемом mAh. Максимальное время в режиме ожидания: На верхней панели Huawei E присутствуют индикаторы: Это позволяет легко управлять устройством. Индикатор сигнала может гореть зеленым, оранжевым или красным цветом, что означает соответсвенно, что сигнал отличный, слабый, или отсутствует.

Если горит индикатор раздачи wi-fi, то принимаемый сигнал раздается. Индикатор заряда батареи указывает Вам о том, что устройство заряжено горит зеленый цвет , заряжается моргает зеленым цветом или же требует подзарядки горит красным цветом. Индикатор смс уведомляет пользователя о приходе смс.