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Инструкция фотоаппарата canon pc1474

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Setting the Slow Sy nchro You can shoot images using the slow synchro function when the camera flashes. Landscape Mode Use this mode t o shoot expansive landscape scenes. Shootin g procedure s are the same as for the mode p. The people are illuminated with light from the flash while the backdr op is captured at a slow shutter speed so that both appear correctly exposed.

Framing a Subject PhotoStitch detects the overlapping portions of adjoining i mages and merges t hem. The resolution can be selected from the following settings p. Mov ie M ode c ontin ued 72 z You are recomme nded to use a CF ca rd that has been f ormatted in your camera to s hoot movies p.

The supplied CF card can be used withou t being format ted. Macro Mode con tinue d 74 z In macro mode, t he co rrect image brig htness someti mes can not be obtained wit h flash phot ography. The backgro und can also be shot with different effects. Sup er M acro M ode co ntinue d 76 3 Shoot the ima ge.

Setting the Number of Seconds until Shooting You can set the number of seconds from the time the shutter button is pressed to the time the image is shot to 10 seconds or 2 seconds. Mode Dia l 1 In the [ Rec. Mode Dia l Standa rd Cont inuous Shooti ng Use this mod e to view the sub ject as you sh oot continuously. Conti nuous Shoo ting c ontin ued 80 Selecting a Continuous Shooting Mode z The interval be tween fr ames lengthe ns somewhat when t he internal memory bec omes full.

Program AE Use the program AE mode to have the cam era automatically set th e shutter speed and aperture value to mat ch the brightness of the scene. Pr ogram AE c ontinu ed 82 Setting the Shutter Speed When you set the shutter speed in the shutter speed-priority AE mode, the camera automatically selects an aperture value to match the brightness.

Faster shutter speeds allow you to catch an instantaneous image of a moving subject while s lower speeds create a flowing effect and allow y ou to shoot without a flash in dark areas. Setting th e Shutter Sp eed con tinued 84 z See pa ge f or set tings that can be change d in this mod e. If the camera shak e warning appear s on the LCD moni tor or in the viewfind er , secu re the camera to a trip od before s hooti ng.

Selecting a lower aperture value opening the aper ture allows you to blur the back ground and create a be autiful portrait. Setting th e Apertu re continued 86 z Depending on the zoom positi on, ce rtain apertu re value s may not be available.

This is convenient for shooting fireworks and other images where it is difficult to set the correct exposure automatically. Manuall y Setting th e Shutter S peed and Aperture continued 88 z See pa ge f or set tings that can be change d in this mod e. This is convenient for focusing accurately on an off-center subject to obtain the composition you desire. This can be switched to another metering mode. Mode Dia l Eval uative Mete ring Appropriate for standa rd shooting co nditions, including back lit scenes.

Mode Dia l 1 Press S on the omni selecto r. The ic ons in parenth eses are the o nes on the display pane l. Adju sti ng the Ton e Wh ite Bala nce conti nued 94 Setting a Custom White Balance You can set a cus tom white balance to obtain the optimal setting for the shooting conditions by having the camera evaluate a subject such as a white piece of paper or clot h, or a photo-quality gray c ard.

Vivid Emphasizes th e contrast and color saturation to record in bold color. Mode Dia l Stan dard Norma lly select this op tion. Three ranges -small, medium or large- can be selected. Images are shot with the focus position changing in the following order: This is effective when the contrast is too strong bet ween the subject and background or when a subject is backlit. Mode Dia l 1 Focus the AF frame or the sp ot metering fram e on the subject on which y ou wish to l ock the exposure setting and press the shutter button h alfway.

Turn the mode dial to P , Tv or Av. Mode Dia l 1 Press the Flash button and se t the flas h to fire p. Usually, t he 1st-curtain is used when shoo ting. This function can be used f or fixed-point observation of plants and blooming f lowers. The shooting interval time can be set from 1 to 60 minutes and 2 to i mages can be shot. Keep it pr essed and pr ess the MF bu tton.

Mode Dia l 1 Press and ho ld the MF but ton, then turn the z oom ring to foc us on the subject. Saving Cus tom Settings You can sav e frequently used shooting m odes and various shooting settings to the C cu stom mode.

This camera is equipped with t wo modes [ C 1 ] and [ C 2 ] , allowing you to save two types of custom settings. This allows you to select a smaller aperture value and a slower shutter speed than usual. On The file num bers are reset to the start 01 each time a new CF card is inser ted. New image s recorded o n CF cards with existing files are ass igned the n ext available number. However, sinc e images shot in Continu ous mode or Stit ch Assist mode are always sav ed int o the same folder, a fold er may contain more than image s.

Playback 1 Open the LCD monitor. Starting a Slide Show All images or a selection of i mages on a CF card can be displayed one-by-one in an automated slide show.

Up to images may be marked per slide show. Images display in the order of their selection. Automa ted Playba ck Slide Show con tinued Adjusting the Play Time and Repea t Settings You can chan ge the play time for all the images in a show and have the show repe at itself continuously. Play Time Sets the duration that e ach image in a slide show is displaye d. This is extremely convenient f or sending the images to a photo developing service or for printing on a direct print function compatible printer.

The following print se ttings can be selected. Prin t Type Standa rd Prints one image pe r page Index Prints the selected images together at a reduced size in an index format Both Prints the ima ges in both the standard and index forma ts Date Adds the dat e to the pr int File N o.

Date z Select [On] o r [Off]. The print t ype is reset to [Standard] and the date and file number options are set to [Off]. Refer to the Softw are S tarte r Gu ide fo r instructions on how to transfer images to your c omputer. You cannot use this function to transfer several images at once on Mac OS X computers.

Selecti ng Images for Transferrin g continued 3 Select imag es for transferring. Single Images z Select an image using the main dial or the W or X arrow on the omni sel ector and mark or remov e marks from images using t he S or T arrow on the omni selector.

Ea ch menu item has three choices. Start-up image The [ ] option f eatures science fiction related images and sounds. The [ ] option features animals. In Playback mode, the menu c loses when the shutte r button is pressed hal fway and the camer a switches t o shooting mo de. However, CF c ard images shot with t his camera can be registered as My Camera settings regardless of the below formats. The ca mera has experience d a proble m. Turn off t he power, wait a second, a nd then tr y shooting or p laying back.

List of Messages Resett ing: Resetting all t he camera and menu se ttings to de fault Busy. You atte mpted to magnify an imag e that was photogra phed wit h another camera, reco rded in a differe nt format , or edited on a compute r. Y ou attemp ted to rotate an image t hat was photogra phed wit h another camera, reco rded in a differe nt format , or edited on a compute r.

Troubl eshooti ng conti nued Battery pack will not charge Poor con tact betwee n battery pa ck and batt ery charger z Clean the b attery terminals with a clean dr y cloth. Troubl eshooti ng conti nued Subject i n recorded image is too bright Sub ject too c los e caus ing flash to be too bright z Adjust th e flash output with the flash exposure compensa tion function p. Subject br ight in comparis on to the backgro und z Set the exposur e compensa tion to a negati ve — settin g.

This occurs more fr equently in the following c onditions: Removing the Battery To remove the date battery, pull it in the direction of the arrow. Appendix z Be partic ularly caref ul to keep the d ate ba tteries out of the reac h of chil dren. The wireless controller can be operate d from an approximate distance of up to 5 m Using t he Wirel ess Contro ller c ontinu ed z Playback appears on the display panel. Using a n Externally Mounted F lash Sold Se parately con tinued 3 Turn the mode dial to a po sition othe r than or.

Then p ress and hold the ring release b utton and remo ve the outer ring of the lens. Please replace the battery with a generic CR lithium coin battery with the fol lowing procedures. If you ever dispose of yo ur camera, first r emove the date battery for recycling according to the recycling system of your country.

Subject to change without notice. Exif Print is a standard for enha ncing the co mmunication between d igital cam eras and printers. The actual figures will vary according to the shooting conditions and settings. Kwanon — это было название первой модели амбициозных изобретателей, которое получило такое название в честь буддийской тысячерукой богини милосердия.

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Среди моделей данных устройств можно найти оборудование как для профессионалов, так и для пользователей начального уровня. Камеры могут быть оснащены: А если Вам нужна инструкция фотокамеры Canon скачайте ее на нашем сайте. Инструкция по эксплуатации, 48 страниц. Инструкция по эксплуатации, 32 страницы. Инструкция по эксплуатации, cтраница. Инструкция по эксплуатации, 36 страниц. Инструкция по эксплуатации, 64 страницы. Инструкция по эксплуатации, 64 страницы Инструкция по эксплуатации, cтраница Инструкция по эксплуатации, страниц.

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