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Инструкция hp designjet t790

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When pressed for more than 4 seconds, the Accessibility Home Screen is displayed. The internal part of the Touch Control Panel is the Home Screen and this is divided into three main areas:.

The main menu of the product is accessed by clicking on the Product Information icon and then selecting the last tab at the right side. Print, Scan and Copy. The contents area will contain all the functionality related with printing content, for example in the Job Queue.

The Touch Control Panel is located on the front right of the printer. It gives you complete control of your printer: The Touch Control Panel also displays alerts warning and error messages when needed. The Touch Control Panel itself: The Power key,with which you can turn the printer onor off. The key is illuminated when the printer is on.

It flashes when the printer is in transition between on and off. The Touch Control Panel has a large central area to display dynamic information and icons. On the left and right sides you can see up to six fixed icons at different times. Normally they are not all displayed at the same time.

Thisdoe snotdiscard any changes made inthe current. A smaller warning icon appears if there are actions that need to be performed. Press this message to see a listof all current alerts, with anicon indicating the severity of each alert. This icon appears only when one or more USB flash drives are inserted. A smaller warning icon appears if there are jobs on hold. If the printer is left idle for some time, it goes into sleep mode and switches off the front-panel display.

You can set a time between 1 and minutes. The printer wakes from sleep mode and switches on the front-panel display whenever there is some external interaction with it. Information about specific uses of the Touch Control Panel can be found throughout this guide. User Guides and Service Manuals. The information contained in this document issubject to change without notice.