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Инструкция panasonic sa ht540

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If it persists, move the speakers extended periods. Due to copy guard protection, the picture may not be displayed properly. These terminals depends on the television or monitor e. Connect to terminals of progressive output. Connection using these terminals the same color. FM indoor antenna Affix this end of the antenna where Click!

Adhesive tape AM loop antenna Stand the antenna up on its base. Place the antenna where reception is best. Keep loose antenna cable away from other wir. Mishandling of batteries can cause electrolyte leakage 3 which can severely.

The illustration shows SC-HT Icons such as [DVD-V] show the formats. This may cause disc warping, rendering it unusable. Для Вашего удобства Если просмотр руководства Panasonic SC-HT непосредственно на этой странице для Вас неудобен, Вы можете воспользоваться двумя возможными решениями: Полноэкранный просмотр -, Чтобы удобно просматривать инструкцию без скачивания на компьютер Вы можете использовать режим полноэкранного просмотра. Скачивание на компьютер - Вы можете также скачать инструкцию Panasonic SC-HT на свой компьютер и сохранить ее в своем архиве.

Если ты все же не хотите занимать место на своем устройстве, Вы всегда можете скачать ее из ManualsBase. Some chassis components may have sharp edges. This section describes the disassembly procedures for all the major printed circuit boards and main components. Before the disassembly process was carried out, do take special note that all safety precautions are to be carried out. Disassembly of Top Cabinet Step 1 Remove 4 screws. Step 2 Remove 3 screws.

Rear view Step 3 Lift up and remove the top cabinet. Step 1 Remove the DVD lid. Step 2 Detach FFC cables at connectors. Avoid placing the set in a position that might Step 3 Remove 1 screw. Step 7 Remove FL P. Step 1 Remove 4 screws. Step 2 Detach FFC cables at the connectors. Step 1 Desolder all the pins of the digital amp IC. Step 2 Release the claws and remove the heat sink clip.

Refer to the diagrams of Main P. Step 1 Desolder all pins of IC Step 1 Connect FFC cables at connectors. Disassembly of Tray Unit Step 1 Slide the guide tray unit while pressing the stopper in the arrow direction, and remove the guide tray unit.

The tray slides a little forword and stops. Step 4 Press in the tray. Step 8 Hook the change lever spring on the change lever project part temporarily. Step 2 Hook the lock lever spring on the lock lever projection part temporarly. Disassembly of Tray Loading P. Step 1 Remove 3 screws Step 2 Remove 4 pins. Anti-static measures are necessary due to handling of OPU unit.

Step 3 Remove the middle chassis. Step 8 Slide the shaft in the arrow direction. Step 4 Remove the optical pickup unit in the arrow direction till it stops. Step 9 Lift the optical pickup unit with the shaft. Step 5 Remove 2 screws. Step 2 Align the guide section of the optical pickup unit with the rail. Step 3 Install the shaft top to the holder. Step 11 Pull the shaft and the rubber out. Adjust to the minimum jitter value. IC Re f No. Waveform Chart WF No.

C No connection 50 N.