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Soft laser sl 202 инструкция

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Несмотря на это обстоятельство, существует повышающийся спрос, обусловленный большой емкостью рынка, на лазерную продукцию, используемую в разных областях медицины. В связи с этим было принято решение сделать упор на разработку и производство универсального портативного лазерного терапевтического комплекса с большим количеством разнообразных насадок, с помощью которых прибор можно было бы использовать в разных областях медицины - неврологии, урологии, гинекологии, стоматологии, травматологии, ревматологии, отоларингологии, дерматологии, рефлексотерапии и некоторых других областях медицины.

Прибор ориентирован на частные медицинские клиники, косметологические кабинеты, салоны красоты, фитнес-клубы, государственные структуры поликлиники, больницы, лаборатории и т. Для реализации этого проекта необходимо финансирование в объеме 6 млн. Производство Софт-Лазер будет включено в производственный цикл уже имеющегося оборудования. Себестоимость одного прибора по предварительной оценке равна ,78 руб, розничная отпускная цена - руб. Предприятие нацелено на создание торговой марки на рынке лазерных препаратов, который в свою очередь поможет в реализации дальнейших планов предприятия на медицинском рынке.

Общество является юридическим лицом и действует на основе Устава, имеет собственное имущество, самостоятельный баланс и расчетный счет. Россия, Санкт-Петербург, улица я Красноармейская, д. Общество создано без ограничения срока действия. Экономический рост и проблемы устойчивого развития зарубежный и отечественные подходы Теория экономического роста является одним из наиболее сложных разделов экономической науки, посвященной исследованию рыночного хозяйства. The Kirghiz tradition of cremation does not allow us to make conclusions about the ranking characteristics of their social structure.

But the archaeological facts do let us describe the domination of the Kirghiz etnos in the Valley of the Upper and Middle Yenisai in the period of the blooming of the Kirghiz khaganat, and single out the military ranks and prestigeous positions of political leadership. There are a number of ruins of ahu s — open assembly spaces where rituals were Инструкция по применению аппарат лазерный терапевтический soft-laser sl performed — scattered over Easter Island. Even the number of mata s differs in various sources and varies from 10 to Households near ahu s tend to be larger and their density increases.

In epoch of early and Middle Bohai, the territory of Primorye laid outside of a documentary zone, therefore studying of structure of Bohai societies probably here is extreme as a result of archeological researches. In the given work followed the changes in social structure of Bohai societies, by comparison of separate parts of Bohai settlement pattern in a valley of Suifun River which researches were identifiable through their surface remains.

The analysis of spatial distribution of Bohai sites has revealed in territory of Primorye of several areas which precisely coordinate with a frame of hydrographic structure of the territory, and also was found out, that the structure of Bohai settlements of these regions represented four level hierarchy based on the status of settlements with the archaeological evidence of administrative and cult activities at three top levels.

The main part of settlements more than in a middle current of a valley was submitted to the lowest 7 level of hierarchy without any attributes of civil -administrative functions absence of traces of public buildings. Above this level was about 20 settlements with subordinates it several small ones and archeological evidences of presence of public buildings a roofing tile.

To more high level a little bit difficulty structured units, submitted by the big settlements with adjoining rural settlements, the cult sites, burial grounds and forted sites in various concern. The top level is submitted walled towns with the subordinate to them subregions.

Depending on a level of hierarchy, a Инструкция по применению аппарат лазерный терапевтический soft-laser sl settlement had significant differentiation in inherent in them civil, cult, political, economic etc. The name of the Khitan empire Liao reflected a geopolitical reality when in East Asia there was a bi-state situation and coexistence within the framework of the Far East world of two empires, settled Sung and nomadic Liao.

In the Khitan state gradually there was a new superethnic generality and the Khitan authority aspired to replace an ethnic principle of administration with a geographical division of territory. Khitan archaeological excavations show the formation of a mixed cultural tradition in nomadic, semi-nomadic, and settled territories. The hieroglyph Liao is traditionally translated as iron.

This tradition most likely appeared in the Ming epoch when the Chinese overthrew the hated Mongolian yoke and began to read a different history of mutual relations of the state with northern barbarians the word had an undercurrent irons.

Social hierarchy of Aleut society in the traditional period helps us to elaborate the following typology of Aleut burials. From ethnohistoric sources and Easter Island folklore we know that the Инструкция по применению аппарат лазерный терапевтический soft-laser sl population of the island was divided in mata s, socio-political units that can be defined as chiefdoms. Which was know by its name, each mata was said to have its own territory.

The evidence on their location is contradictory and hard to interpret, however. Some of them may be simple geographical designations, some subdivisions of mata s. Nikitin Institute of History, Archaeology, and Ethnography, Vladivostok, Russia Hierarchy of Settlements as Criterion of Structure of Bohai State It is known, that the administration system of the Bohai which has been usual to middle of IX century, capital — region — prefecture — district represented four level hierarchy.

Using this concept, I consider the nomadic Khazar Empire as a typical example of a shadow empire, which emerged, developed, and collapsed in tandem with the emergence, development, and decentralization of a large sedentary state—the Islamic Caliphate from the 3 th to the 6 th centuries AD. The imperial character of the Khitan state, and the logic of internal policy of its governors, allows us to admit an opportunity of existence in the Liao period of another meaning, essentially important for Khitans — pure silver.

This funeral ceremony serves as reliable ethnodistinctive sign. This inscription contain the sorrow of parting with the divine state and khan, martial brotherhood, and family. From the oral tradition it is known that each descent group ure had its own ahu.

The distribution of ahu s is peculiar. But their distribution cannot be explained by only topographic reasons, they are concentrated along the coast and are sparse in the Инструкция по применению аппарат лазерный терапевтический soft-laser sl interior. The ahu s of the western-northwestern part are separated from those of the east, and some clusters are recognisable in these two groups.

Thus it is evident that the distribution of ahu s reflected mata s and their alliances. Remarkably, the distribution of tupa s — tower-like constructions said to be refuges for fishermen — is quite different from that of ahu s.

Kagamil Attu, and Agatu Islands Archaeological and ethnographic research conducted on Aleut islands in different time periods Veniaminov, Dall, Yohelson, Hrdlichka, Laughlin provides us with data on the distinctive social stratification of Aleut society before the contact period The main social layers in this society were honored people, common people, and slaves Veniaminov.

The social stratification of Aleut society will be studied on the basis of data from burials on Kagamil, Attu, and Agatu islands, and some others. Rich archaeological data from the Aleut islands reveals the peculiarities of the people who belonged to different social layers of Aleut society. These peculiarities are traced in burial equipment, number of skeletons of slaves killed to be buried together with their master. Archaeological analysis of material from Aleut islands illustrates the wide variety of ritual burial practices among Aleuts from different areas.

Which was fulfilled according to definite canon, this evolution underwent one more borrowed Инструкция по применению аппарат лазерный терапевтический soft-laser sl tradition of funeral ceremony — the placing of an eternal stone with memorial inscription. It seems reasonable to classify these alliances as complex chiefdoms. Moreover in the work the information on burial complexes and burial designs, and also the remains of Bohai walled towns, forted sites and cult places is used. There are separate cases of burial under skull bones of whale etc.

The Khazars possessed supreme military power, which was instrumental in the formation of their empire and implementation of their foreign policy of war and trade toward to the Islamic Caliphate on which resources the Khazar State depended. Аппарат применяется в лечебно-профилактических, ветеринарных и научно-исследовательских учреждениях.